Greene County

"Success is achieved by what you do when Nobody is watching"




Tri-Kids Inc.

Our Greene County team was founded in 2011. Based in Greensboro GA the team is lead by Bill McIlwaine and Steven Sumpter and has worked with over 90 kids in 5 years.


The team has completed over 250 triathlons with a 100% completion percentage. They have competed at the national level and with professional triathletes and Olympians from Florida to California. In 2016, Turner Broadcasting researched 50 organizations to select an organization to showcase for the Bayer Corporation on national television. Greene County Tri-Kids was the organization selected and they appeared over 30 times on national television.

In addition, the team has improved their average academic grades by 22.3% and has a Zero percent drop out rate from school.Tri-Kids Greene County is excited about it's new initiative to support all of their kids so that they graduate from college.  Click on the "drop down" tab called Education next to the Greene County tab to learn more.