Tri-Kids Inc.

Testimonials from individual Tri-Kids


"THANKS COACH!! You guys were a big help to me achieving such a big goal I have had since our first Meek & Mighty race. I never would have thought I would be doing an Olympic sized triathlon at the age of 14 but I am glad I had the most awesome coaches ever to make the thought I never had, a goal checked off my dream-believe-achieve card (still have that by the way). And again thank you and all the other coaches for letting me as well as Asha and Montarius complete it within our years in tri-kids. Looking forward to stay with you guys and be like an assistant coach whenever necessary" From Kierra, a 4 year Tri-Kid after completing the St. Anthony's Triathlon (1 mile swim in the Gulf, 25 mile bike ride and a 6 mile run) that included an elite field of professionals


"Dear Coach: I am sorry about catching an attitude last time. I don't know why I caught an attitude when the Tri-Kids coaches are the best coaches ever. You push me harder and harder but at the end it all pays off. You pushed us to get us to where we needed to be at. Everyone on the team succeeded in some way but it was all because of you. Thank you for everything." Name withheld


"Tri-Kids has opened many doors for me. I never thought I'd be doing things I never dreamed of doing" Dasiania


"We work very hard, but Tri-Kids has helped us out with school, home and things of that nature. My grades in school are good because of Tri-Kids" Divad

Being able to accomplish goals in a short period of time is a wonderful thing." Amber


"I never thought I would make it this far and accomplish so much." Mya


"Tri-Kids is special to me because it helped me keep my grades up and stay in shape" David


" In the past, I quit cross country. I quit baseball. I quit on myself. I thought triathlon training was going to be easy, but it was harder than I thought, and I really thought about quitting again. I decided I should finish it, and I'm really happy I did." Trey


"I am doing a lot better in school and keeping my grades up because of Tri-Kids." Na'Cara


"The one thing you do in Tri-Kids is you never give up and if you do your best, you will succeed. Just do your best in Tri-Kids  to me is like WOW!! Tri-Kids is the best thing ever." Jalen


"I've played soccer and football, but I was in for a rude awakening when I arrived at my first triathlon practice. I definitely underestimated the amount of work involved. I learned to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I worked harder than I'm used to so that I could achieve something a make it a reality." Leo 


" Being in Tri-Kids means a lot to me. I've made a lot of friends in Tri-Kids and improved many things." Melody


"When you finish your race, you go back and help your teammates - That's why I like being a Tri-Kid." Kzon