Tri-Kids Inc.

"This is amazing! I have to tell you that since my son competed in his triathlon, his attitude and behavior have really changed. For a long time, my son wasn't interested in anything. Since meeting you guys, he has really opened up. His grades are better this year; and for the first time ever my son received Student of the Month. I am so proud of him! Thank you for your amazing program" Amy W.


" I talked to Kalen after practice and was very surprised to hear how far he swam. He is really learning to work hard and it is transferring over to many other areas. I am convinced Tri-Kids has played a big role in his improvement in grades. Last fall he was failing every subject. Last week, he had two "Cs" and the rest "As" and "Bs". So thank you. Hopefully some of his friends will follow his lead. Tri-Kids are an answer to prayer for our team and our families. You and your team are doing something very special for our kids. This is having an incredible impact on their lives. Tri-Kids is making it fun for them to learn invaluable life lessons" Mike D


"Since joining Tri-Kids, my daughter has lost 40 pounds, regained her self esteem and significantly improved her grades. Thank you, your program has been a gift from God" Sheena D


 "WOW is about all I can say about yesterday's Tri-Kids event. It was inspiring to say the least. Hanging a medal around the kids' necks who had worked so hard was truly inspiring. And to see the smiles on their faces made my day. Also, I want you to know how inspiring the kids were to me. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the gym to do my regular workout. As I got about 2/3 of the way through, I thought about quitting. I said that would be okay because I stood up for 4 hours with you guys that morning sweating profusely in the process. Then I thought, not one of your kids had quit that morning, so how could I quit. I finished my regular routine because of their inspiration" Claude G


"My son ran a mile tonight and biked two miles! He's so proud he is on a 'workout schedule with mom and dad' now!! I love being able to share this with him!! Thank you for all that you do!!" Barbra R


" What a blessing to both the kids participating and the families of these young men and women. I continue to be blown away by the success of this program, and praise God for making this connection with Tri-Kids...the results go far beyond just what the kids are learning and experiencing, as it is having an effect on their families. What a great success story" Thomas O 


"We are so excited that the Tri-Kids are returning to our race. Their determination is so inspiring and they always represent themselves with such class and respect. They are a huge asset to our race!" Susan D.


"I have seen such a transformation in my child that I knew she had, but with your help she came out of her shell. Even myself I have accomplished what I once thought was just a dream. I know the kids are thrilled. I can only say Thank You, Thank You.You have a passion for what you do." Jackie E


"I thank God for using you and your team to give these kids the opportunity to reach their dreams and unlock potential in them that they didn't even know existed. These kids get the meaning of 'team' and really encourage each other." Nesial M


"You have brought a life changing event to these kids and I am willing to bet, a similar lifetime experience to the adults that were involved as well. This goes way beyond the amazing results of the kids at the triathlon. You have given the kids life skills and a path that will serve them for the rest of their lives. This is what it's all about. CHANGING THE FUTURE 12 KIDS AT A TIME!!!!! David D. 


"Many of the kids have a hard time really visualizing their goals for behavior because it isn't always tangible. Triathlon training enables them to keep track of results and realize their goals." Garrett D.