Tri-Kids Inc.

Greene County Academic Initiative


Initial Goal:90% High School Graduation Rate & 25 College Graduates

The academic initiative resulted after reviewing our Tri-Kids "Dream, Believe, Achieve" cards. On their laminated card, each Tri-Kid lists 3 things they dream about doing when they get older. As one of their 3 dreams, 80% of the kids listed "Go to College". 13% of the remaining kids dream about an occupation that requires a college education and the remaining 7% had something like "graduate" or get "A's and B's".


Our Tri-Kids motto is "Dream, Believe, Achieve' so we felt it was a logical extension, to our program, to realize their dreams by helping them graduate from college.


We believe every kid who works hard, shows commitment and displays discipline deserves the opportunity to get a good education and shouldn't be precluded from that education for financial reasons.


Going from high school to college is complicated for any kid, even more so if they are a first generation college student.  


To date we have accomplished the following:


1) Established a small scholarship fund

2) Provided support in the decision making process

3) Provided SAT/ACT preparation and fee support

4) Visited 7 college campuses and had full-day meetings with senior college officials to learn more about each school

5) Developed a life-skills and leadership development program.

6) Established a nonprofit consisting of the top students in the GCHS Class of 2014 to provide academic assistance and mentoring.


Much more to follow.


While we are fully prepared to help, this is not a one way street and everyone (Tri-Kids coaches/volunteers, kids and parent(s)/guardians) needs to be fully invested. We are therefore ask the parents/guardians to meet a certain level of commitment and meet certain goals