Tri-Kids Inc.

Our Tri-Kids Credo




1.      We are there for our Coaches, our Teammates and for our workouts

2.      We are responsible and can be counted on to be ready, prepared… and to finish the drill!

3.       We understand that Courage means standing up for what’s right




1.      We respect our teammates, our community and most importantly ourselves

2.      We realize it’s not cool to curse or talk behind people’s back

3.      We make sure we leave a place better than when we arrived. We leave no trace




1.      We have Kyle’s “Can Do” Attitude and we don’t understand the words “can’t” or “I quit”.

2.      We support our teammates… when they do well but, more importantly, when they need some encouragement

3.      We are fun to be around and aren’t a pain in the butt




1.      We set goals and have dreams… and then we go and achieve them

2.      We are good students and give it our best effort at school … even when it’s not our favorite subject

3.      We say “NO” to negative influences that hinder us from achieving our goals




1.      We maximize our “god given” talents and the amazing potential we were born with

2.      We give it our very best effort no matter how difficult the challenge appears at first

3.      We take advantage of each and every day to learn and grow